Are you ready to create a long term improvement in your business?

We work with hotels & venues who are looking to collaborate and create lasting changes in their sales, marketing and revenue teams. We can tailor a specific service or mix of services to suit your business needs for a couple of days a week, monthly options or we can come up with an ad hoc project to get you through a busy season. 

Business Development

Dread the recruitment process? Outsource a BDM with experience in the industry. Our team has proven results & leaves the sales department better than they  found it.

Sales Coverage

Temporary solutions to fill the gap. Exceed in tender season without committing to a full time position or stay ahead of the curve when there is movement in your team.

Maternity Coverage

Amazing staff are hard to find, but life happens! If your superstar is away on mat leave you can now ensure that its ‘business as usual’ for the next few months.

Hotel & Venue Training

The greatest tool is to forever learn new things. Invest in your team and help them achieve their best results yet.  Our sales training is different to the status quo.

Online Marketing

Too busy for social media, websites, blogs and all that other fluffy stuff? Handball to us. We can set up your digital marketing or grow your online strategies long term.

Business Audits

Choose from multiple sales audits to receive clear recommendations for areas of improvement. We even conduct secret shopper assessments!


I’m Sandra, founder and Managing Director of Hospitality Associates Australia. I have a passion for the accommodation and hospitality industry and seeing your results improve is why I started this business. HA believes in creating trusting relationships, allowing owner/operators to run their day-to-day business while enlisting us to deliver sales and online marketing results.

Take a look around to discover what we do and please get in touch. I’d love to talk to you about your specific goals and how we can help.

Talk soon,

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