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The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to sales, the fortune is in the follow-up.

We can invite heaps of people to our hotel or venue for site inspections or famils. We can farm out proposals left, right and centre. But when it comes to closing the sale and confirming the business, follow-up is often the key.

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The Top 10 Sales and Marketing Tools in a Venue’s Toolbox

It’s a competitive market out there for Brisbane venues. There are so many options for event organisers to choose from, and more and more pop up every week.  With so many recent openings, and a few large-scale developments looming large on the horizon, it’s time for...

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Six Rules for a Successful Site Inspection

Site inspections are an important and popular tool of the trade for hotel and venue sales teams. There is no better way to engage a potential customer than getting them to experience your property first hand. And while the way to host a site inspection may seem to be...

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How to Convert RFP Wins into Room Nights

I open my e-mails and there it is, the rate acceptance from Lanyon for that new account that I have been chasing the past 6 months. There we go, its done, I’ve won the account and it’s time to move onto the next win. This seems to be the mentality of many a Sales office throughout the RFP tender period, but should not be the case. Winning an RFP tender is only the end of the first step towards winning a new account.

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We Are Hiring: Revenue Consultant

We are looking to expand our team with a flexible revenue role to assist with our growing hotel and apartment client network. If you are analytical, detailed, solutions focused and an excellent communicator, please get in touch!

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