Our Process

Phase 1: Develop

Project Launch Meeting and Development of Succession Plan

You will be presented with a strategic working document with recommendations that will cover the areas that should impact revenue in the short to medium term.


Phase 2: Deliver

Deliver through Business Development Services

Working collaboratively with your team to ensure the agreed plan is in best representation of your brand and the activities are targeting market segments that align with your products and services. We will update you through the process, and implement the activities and procedures agreed each month.

Phase 3: Measure

Reporting and Goal Setting

Together we will work on a simple process to ensure we are measuring the effectiveness of the plan and what is being implemented on a weekly and monthly basis. This will be measured by some combined areas for example;

  • Pending and Confirming business
  • Converting incoming enquries
  • Sales activity KPI’s
  • Guest and event feedback on experience
  • Internal implementation of new procedures and what ever else we come up with together.


Phase 4: Review

Performance Evaluation

Our teams will ensure communication is maintained at all times through activity reports and monthly management review meetings. We will also update and review the succession plan each month to ensure both you and we are hitting targets and keeping on track towards the long term goals. Some of the areas would be;

  • Review sales and marketing activities and outcomes
  • Review revenue targets against actuals
  • Review customer and internal feedback
  • Authorisation of next months activities and expenses
  • Reassess next months KPI’s and mutual performance expectations