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As a hospitality industry service provider, success comes from servicing a range of key audiences.

It involves not only building and maintaining relationships with clients, but also developing a strong referral base and collaborations with venues, event organisers and other service suppliers who can recommend your business to their own customers.

We have helped a wide range of hospitality clients include catering companies, restaurants, theming companies and tourism operators. And we know, it’s often a small team juggling all areas of the business. So that’s where we can help.

How Hospitality Associates Can Help Your Business

Being a smaller operator, as the owner or manager you are generally the one-man band and you don’t have a lot of time to market your service. We can help by looking after the key areas from website content, social media, direct email marketing to answering your enquiries and converting and representing your product at trade shows or doing regional trips to your target audience.

By working with Hospitality Associates you will have a team of experts working alongside your team (or you!) but without the budget-draining overheads of an employee. Or we can support your existing in-house sales and marketing team, provide the back-up resources to get you through a busy season, or help implement systems and strategies to ensure your business is getting the revenue it needs.

Particular services we can provide:

  • Representation at trade shows, locally or nationally
  • Implementation of famils and showcases to your booking audience
  • Sales trips to drive markets and regional areas
  • Manage any wholesale or retail programs

Our options for event industry services business include: