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At Hospitality Associates, we provide training, mentoring and process auditing to hotels, venues and tourism operators across Australia. We “begin with the end in mind” and focus on how to get your customers to book, spend more and become repeat customers.

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Front Office Training - Customer Service, Conversion & Upsell

The health of your hotel, venue or property relies on your front office staff’s ability to build rapport and trust, quote the right rate to meet the customers needs, while delivering the highest possible revenue for the business.

The ability to convert, cross-sell and upsell comes from skills in knowing your product, building relationships, understanding the customer’s drivers and interacting n a way that delivers an outstanding experience, so they become repeat customers and raving fans.

Our Front Office Sales Training equips your team with these skills and with the knowledge and understanding to improve their sales and customer service performance.

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Sales Process Auditing

No matter how good the marketing funnel is at generating leads, or how skilled your salespeople and customer service team are, without the right tools and processes, performance is at risk. A few adjustments to your processes will set your team up for success.

Our Sales Process Audit includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps, risks and opportunities; and a comprehensive working report that includes a project succession plan with timelines and milestones against team member allocation.

The result is a system that supports and guides your sales team’s performance, and protects your business against staff movement.

Sales Team Training

Sales Team Training

How often have you promoted an internal person or someone with operational experience who loves the “idea” of working in a sales role, only to find we are recruiting again in 6-12 months time because they didn’t realise how hard they would find qualifying customers and cold calling.

Your sales team is one of the most important departments in any business. It should be where the bulk of your leads and high revenue-generating business comes from. But if we don’t have the right people in the team generating leads, qualifying customers and following up, business performance is at risk.

Our Sales Team Training guides your team through our proven sales process, equipping them with the skills and confidence to drive business and exceed budgets.

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Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring

Whether it’s because it’s difficult to recruit for industry experience, or because your budgets don’t stretch to proven industry performance, it can be difficult to build the sales team leadership your business needs.

Our Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring services brings you decades of experience “on-demand”. Access Sandra and the team’s proven experience, industry knowledge and understanding as you need it to support your leadership team and cultivate a sales culture within all levels of your business.

We can work with leaders to enhance sales strategies, sales and marketing processes, mentoring of key staff and more.

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Hi, I’m Sandra, Founder and Managing Director of Hospitality Associates Australia.

I have a passion for the accommodation and tourism industry and seeing your results improve is why I started this business.

HA believes in creating trusting relationships, allowing owners/operators to run their day-to-day business while enlisting us to help you understand the key drivers that will deliver more customers, and help you retrain staff with the skills they need to feel great about their contribution.

No question is a silly question, and I’m only too happy to have a call to discuss your needs and specific goals, so please get in touch!

Talk soon,

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