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The Hotel Sales Training Specialists

The health of your hotel relies on your front office staff’s ability to create an outstanding customer experience for each potential visitor, while delivering the highest possible customer value to your hotel.

The ability to convert, cross-sell and upsell comes from skills in knowing your product, building relationships, understanding the customer’s needs and interacting in a way that delivers an outstanding experience  – so they become repeat customers and raving fans.

Our Front Office Sales Training equips your team with these skills and with the knowledge and understanding to improve their sales and customer service performance.

Front Office Sales Training

We offer three ways to upskill your teams and suit your hotel’s budget

Face to Face Course

(for 2 days of content spread over 1 month. Min 6 people)

The face to face course program is a more detailed program and can be adapted to suit your hotel or property’s operational structure and team skill set. It is delivered in either 2 full days concurrently, or 1 day per fortnight or 4 half days so teams have the chance to implement lessons learned and table the challenges in the next session which we overcome and set goals to work on.

In addition to the face-to-face program, we have a consultation with the team manager prior to the day and run through some skill set profiling so the course outline can be adapted to suit all levels. Post-training we provide tools and tips to help you set up some sales structure, reporting and build a sales culture for the long-term success of the hotel.

Live Virtual Training

(for 2 days full days of content. Min 6 people)

Our virtual training course provides all the content from the face-to-face program yet allows national front office or reservations teams to dial in and experience the program live as though we are all sitting in the same room. This also allows team members to interact with each other and the moderator can ask questions and encourage instant feedback throughout the program. This can also be split across multiple days and weeks to allow implementation of each module.

Self-Paced Online Training

Our self-paced online front office sales training course gives you the skills and insight to improve your performance and increase your (and your hotel’s) chance of success. Participating in an online program also gives you six months’ access to continually review content, implement during your day-to-day role and improve your skills on an ongoing basis.

An offshoot from our in-person workshop, this course offers the same detailed information in a flexible and easy-to-access format that might suit a small front office team or even an individual in a small property looking to upskill.

Sandra provided a front line sales training program that encouraged our staff to think differently and built confidence across the team on how to successfully convert new business.

Kylie Stever

Group Director of Sales, Spicer's


The Outcomes The Attendee Will Receive

  • Increased confidence in your sales ability to qualify a potential customer over the phone
  • An ability to up-sell and cross-sell to increase customer nightly spend
  • The ability to set goals in the right areas that will help you achieve career growth
  • Confidence in telling the customer why they need to stay at your hotel
  • The ability to adapt your personality style to make a lasting first impression
  • The tools to handle any situation that might arise

What We Cover

  • Why it’s important for a Front Office Person to be skilled at sales
  • How to identify and handle the different types of rate shoppers during the initial phone enquiry
  • Understanding your personality and how it impacts your peformance
  • How to build rapport quickly over the phone using a variety of tried and tested techniques
  • Common obstacles to performance in Front Office Sales
  • Differences between up-selling and cross-selling and how to sell your hotel’s benefits
  • How to set achievable goals to excel in your career and personal life
  • What is good customer service and how you can stand apart
  • How long it takes to make a great first impression over the phone and how to ensure the customer is impressed straight away
  • How to identify a potential customer needs so you can determine how to upsell them
  • How to be creative when summarising the sell while checking availability
  • Techniques in handling objections from tough customers and how to make a sale over the phone.

The front office sales training provided by HA made a massive difference to our team and we couldn’t be happier about the results! We found a big increase in the confidence of our reception staff and it helped transform them into sales people and an even bigger increase in sales results. Highly recommend!! 

Chelsea Follett

Former Operations Manager, Brisbane Holiday Village

Sandra Swatton


I’m Sandra, founder and Managing Director of Hospitality Associates Australia. I have a passion for the accommodation and hospitality industry and seeing your results improve is why I started this business. HA believes in creating trusting relationships, allowing owner/operators to run their day-to-day business while enlisting us to deliver sales results and training.

Take a look around to discover what we do and please get in touch. I’d love to talk to you about your specific goals and how we can help.

Talk soon,

Sandra signature

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