Does your sales team need upskilling and regular coaching on how to maintain momentum to achieve their targets?

Give your sales team the tools to reach their full potential with effective hotel sales & venue sales training that is specific to their industry and role. Whether you are hiring new salespeople or looking to advance your existing sales team, a good sales training program can address areas of weakness, improve effectiveness and boost confidence. 

Our programs are designed by hoteliers and functions specialists specifically for the industry. The training is relevant to your business, not a generic sales training program. We run sales training for both your reactive sales team and proactive business development managers. We tailor your program to ensure it does not impact the weekly running of operations.

We can train a team on proactive sales for corporate accommodation or events business or front office sales training, which will teach the team as a whole how to upsell and convert those critical phone calls.

Our training is built around your attendees embedding new skills to achieve results. We suggest our training be split over a series of weeks. This gives your team the opportunity to apply their new skill set, however feel supported in knowing that they are able to reach out with any challenges in the next session.


Commonly asked questions about our Sales Training:

Why outsource my sales training?

Outsourcing your sales training, means that the training can be delivered aligned to management goals, but without preconceptions of the team or any frustrations getting in the way. It allows us to identify the true capabilities of individuals and understand their personal goals to assist in motivating each individual.

How do we make sure the team uses these skills?

Our training is broken down to ensure the best results. Ideally our training days onsite take place two weeks apart. The team have goals set in this time to report back any feedback, or talk about where they need more assistance in applying methods.

What is the benefit of investing in training?

Being trained to close a deal is the key to an effective and efficient sales person. Building relationships quickly will speed up the process of sales, and allow your team to have open discussions around the true needs of your prospects.

How does this benefit my customer?

Effective sales training teaches individuals not only to close the deal, but to do so without over promising or over committing. Building deeper relationships quickly will allow your sales team to uncover the true needs of the customer, ensure they get what they need from their first experience – increasing satisfaction & retention. Your sales team learn the importance of account management and that the sale continues well after the first booking.