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The accommodation supply is getting more and more competitive with new openings happening every year and demand not increasing to match the supply.

Competition is strong not just for new corporate accounts, more direct business or function sales, but also to hire and train staff who are professional, experienced, good communicators who have a strong work ethic, and who can drive accommodation and functions revenue into hotels.

Understanding the different market segments to target for your accommodation business takes years of training and regular coaching as companies change travel policies all the time and travel booking trends move to more online booking systems.

Market segments we can help you with: 

  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Education and Universities
  • Associations
  • Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs)
  • Sporting Groups
  • Hospitals
  • Travel Management Companies (TMCs)
  • Wholesale, Inbound, Retail


Whether you’re expanding your team to meet increased targets, trying to replace lost sales or revenue staff, or needing to cover a short-term shortage due to leave or tender season, Hospitality Associates can help.

Rather than rush into an unsuccessful hire, let us provide you with an effective solution for as long as you need. Some of our clients outsource their whole sales, revenue and marketing function to us and some use as as a top-up solution to their existing team.


Pro-active, Reactive and Strategic Account Management – the different phases of the sales cycle

To reach your hotel’s full potential, you need to ensure all sales opportunities are converted into confirmed business for both accommodation and functions.These include:

  1. Reactive sales to those opportunities that come to you
  2. Proactive sales to identify and convert new opportunities
  3. Strategic account management to maintain and maximise the benefits of our ongoing relationships.

Each of these phases needs a specific set of sales skills. Are you confident that you’re making the most of each of these opportunities with your current sales team?

How Hospitality Associates Can Help Your Hotel

We will help you make the most of your budget to get the best returns on your investment, by providing as much or as little sales support as you need. We can look after sales for you completely, or top up your existing team to make sure you’re getting the most from all sales opportunities.

We can sit within your team on your premises for a certain number of hours per week, or look after your sales from our own offices in a true outsourced solution. We work with you to understand your biggest challenges, your available resources and to develop a solution that suits your specific needs.

    Our services for hotels include: