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Your need for an outsourced sales team may be due to finding a replacement OR the need to audit and correct procedures before appointing your next team member. It is important to take the time to find the right fit for your brand. We offer a temporary solution by providing an experienced, quality sales person for as little or as long as you need. 

When you outsource to Hospitality Associates we become part of your team. We are also a representative of your business and brand – regardless of whether we sit at your location or work from our offices. We are inducted into your team and can use your internal systems. With our team’s extensive experience and expertise, we save you the time and resources it usually takes to get a new team member on board and up to speed before they can start achieving results.


You may also need us to ‘tidy up’ from the previous sales person. We can audit your processes and implement structure. This ensures that when the right fit comes along, they will have a proven system in place that they can make their own. We provide a full handover along with training on the role. This allows your new team member to achieve results from the start.


During our partnership we closely manage and report our results. It is important to keep you fully informed of results, challenges and opportunities. This also ensures that you are not needing to manage our team as we are pro-active about communicating. We find that our reports are often still implemented after we have left a business.

We can provide a temporary solution for as long as you need, or if you find that outsourcing is a better solution for your business, we can form an ongoing agreement.

We offer a range of flexible packages tailored to your specific needs:

1-5 days per week contracts

Minimum 4-5 months

Monthly Packages

Packages that include Sales, Revenue & Marketing

Minimum 6 months

Monthly Pre-Paid Blocks of Hours

Minimum 6 months

Commonly asked questions about our Outsourced Sales Solutions:

Will customers know you are a contractor?

No, HA operators using your email domain, signature and phone number if required. You provide us with a business card so your customers understand that we work for you. We can even wear your uniform!

What happens if a client emails or calls on my non-dedicated days?

We will monitor emails daily in the hope of a client response. HA will jump at the chance to call them back and confirm the deal, even on your non-dedicated days.

How will I protect our IP and existing customer database from being taken to other clients?

Our agreement has strict terms that your intellectual property and any customer or financial data are private and confidential and will not be used in any way outside of your business.

If your team operates remotely, how do they communicate with my team?

We provide our clients with a weekly report, clearly listing all activity. Included are the communication notes from each call and email. We clearly communicate any questions or proposal confirmations to your team. We provide a full handover to ensure that your team can deliver operationally on what our team has promised. In addition, we can arrange weekly and/or monthly reviews to agree on the upcoming month’s focus areas or changes.

What our clients love about us:

  • The HA team stays focused on the outcomes
  • The HA team doesn’t get distracted by the day to day running of my business and don’t get pulled into internal meetings that waste their time
  • The HA reporting is clear, detailed and transparent with who they are calling and what outcomes my business should receive
  • The HA team remains solution-focused when problems arise
  • The HA team have a strong sales training model – each staff members remains focused on converting the sale and producing ongoing results.


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