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The health of your hotel relies on your front office staff’s ability to create an outstanding customer experience for each potential visitor, while delivering the highest possible customer value to your hotel.

The ability to convert, cross-sell and upsell comes from skills in knowing your product, building relationships, understanding the customer’s needs and interacting in a way that delivers an outstanding experience  – so they become repeat customers and raving fans.

Our Front Office Sales Training equips your team with these skills and with the knowledge and understanding to improve their sales and customer service performance.

In-Person Training

Delivered by experienced hotel sales professionals, our in-person training is a customised session that is tailored to your team’s experience and goals.

Live Online Training

The same tailored training delivered via Zoom to your team – even if they are in different locations.. Allows interaction and feedback between our team and yours.

Self-Paced Online Training

The same training, support and guidance but in a flexible, online environment that allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.



In partnership with our sister-company Nuvho, we can tailor a specific outsourced service or mix of services to suit your business needs for a couple of days a week, monthly options or we can come up with an ad hoc project to get you through a busy season.  

Business Development

Dread the recruitment process? Outsource a BDM with experience in the industry. Our team has proven results & leaves the sales department better than they  found it.

Sales Coverage

Temporary solutions to fill the gap. Exceed in tender season without committing to a full time position or stay ahead of the curve when there is movement in your team.

Maternity Coverage

Amazing staff are hard to find, but life happens! If your superstar is away on mat leave you can now ensure that its ‘business as usual’ for the next few months.


I’m Sandra, founder and Managing Director of Hospitality Associates Australia. I have a passion for the accommodation and hospitality industry and seeing your results improve is why I started this business. HA believes in creating trusting relationships, allowing owner/operators to run their day-to-day business while enlisting us to deliver sales results and training.

Take a look around to discover what we do and please get in touch. I’d love to talk to you about your specific goals and how we can help.

Talk soon,

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