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What is the fastest way you can increase occupancy and revenue at the same time?

The HA Outsourced Revenue Management option is a response to the shortage of qualified Revenue Managers in the market. We provide a real alternative to hiring your own Revenue Manager.

There is no degree you can study on how to become a Revenue Manager. It is leant by working hands-on with a variety of hotels and Property Management Systems (PMS). It is also having the experience with the market segments for that hotel, the competitor set and being able to adapt quickly and implement the right pricing strategy for your hotel’s business structure and target audience.

We specialise in working with independent hotels from 20 rooms to 150+ rooms across coastal, regional and city destinations within Australia. Each market segment has a complex way of operating. It is important you understand the difference to be able to capitalise on getting the largest amount of room nights for your property.

We can manage as much or as little as you like. We can manage the day to day pricing decisions around your low and peak seasons, OTA & GDS distribution along with corporate and government strategies. We can also manage the forecasting and reporting for management or board meetings.


Outsourced Revenue Management

HA can handle the day-to-day revenue management of your rates and distribution and explore how to increase market segments based on your focus areas.

Audits & Recommendations

HA can audit your current rate strategy across all market segments and make recommendations on how to grow your ADR & Occupancy and Revenue.

Revenue Management Training & Coaching

HA can run a training session either for a group of employees or one-on-one coaching. Each training session will be tailored to your business, based on the skill set of the employee and their position (reservation staff, sales, front office and junior revenue management staff and property managers).

The outcomes of the training include:

  • Enhancing your revenue & distribution knowledge
  • Building a revenue management culture
  • Improving your strategic decision making
  • Implementing new processes and Standard Operating Procedures

We offer a range of flexible packages tailored to your specific needs:

1-5 days per week contracts

Minimum 4-5 months

Monthly Packages

Could include: daily rate management, monthly revenue reporting, market segment results, review websites and much more.

Minimum 6 months

Monthly Pre-Paid Blocks of Hours

Minimum 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a package tailored to suit my property's needs?

Yes, we can definitely tailor packages to your needs – the packages displayed are a guide and we can work with you and design a package that suits you best.

What exactly can you help me with?

We will help tailor a revenue management system and hotel distribution system that will work for you.  We will work with your team to assist in strategic decision making, pricing and market positioning to suit your properties.

Will you help me connect to OTAs?

Yes, we will help you connect to OTAs if you are not already connected and help optimise production from these OTAs.

Can you work with all PMS' and Channel Managers?

We can work with most PMS’ and Channel Managers, and  advise you on your best solutions, give us a call if you wish to discuss it further.

Can you help us find solutions to assist us during need and high demand periods?

Yes, we can assist you with working out the best strategies both in low and high demand period to optimise you REVPAR (revenue per available room) – so looking at your occupancy at the best possible rate, based on market condition and demand.

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