Does your hotel sales team need upskilling and regular coaching on how to maintain momentum to achieve their targets?

Give your sales team the practical tools to reach their full potential with effective hotel sales & venue sales training that is specific to the product they are representing and their role within the organisation. Whether you are hiring new salespeople or looking to advance your existing sales team, a good sales training program can address areas of weakness, improve effectiveness and boost confidence.

Hotel front office team standing at the reception desk

Introduction to Sales Training

HA goes beyond the cookie cutter sales programs delivered by training providers. We have spent years working and consulting in a variety of accommodation providers from serviced apartments, caravan parks, motels, hotels right through to luxury boutique retreats, venues and tourism operators of all sizes, brands and locations.

Unmatched Experience

Our hands on experience in these industry sectors and continuous development of relationships help us gather insights into what influences a travel and events booker and how sales people need to be aware of the multi layered booking process into our hotels and venues.  

Tailored to Your Goals

We run sales training for both your reactive sales team and proactive business development teams and we tailor the program to your business structure, process and desired outcomes.

Builds Culture

Our approach minimises disruption to daily operations, fosters a fun and informative sales culture, and helps achieve KPIs and targets. Your team will have the chance to apply new skills and receive ongoing support through coaching sessions between modules.

Our Training Process

HA takes pride in training our future sales leaders – our outlook is not to conduct once off sessions and leave you to ensure the training is implemented, but to leave a lasting impression that supports the long term growth of your business and see a real sales culture shift from the provided training. We have developed the below process to build a 6-12 month program that you can pick and choose to implement pre and post the training program to ensure the continued implementation and in term revenue results.

The Outcomes The Attendee Will Receive

  • A tool box of tips, tricks, templates and sales process that will ensure you hit targets
  • Increased confidence in your sales ability to qualify a corporate decision maker over the phone
  • How to build a sales funnel full of prospects
  • The questions to use to get the answers you need from a gate keeper or influencer
  • An ability to quote the right rate and room types for the customer and agent
  • How to focus your time on High Performance Activities to hit your KPI’s
  • What data and reports to use to gain leads from
  • New found skills on getting the contract signed and “closing the deal”
  • The ability to adapt your personality style to the type of client and agent
  • How to sell the benefits not features of your product to ensure a win
  • The tools to handle objections at any stage of the sales process
  • And so much more…

What We Cover

  • The role of a successful Hotel or Events Sales Person
  • Identifying your High Payoff Activities
  • Time Management and Goal setting for sales people
  • Building a sales funnel and creating a target list
  • Developing a sales process within your hotel or venue
  • Differences between proactive and reactive sales
  • Using internal reports, data and tracking revenue success
  • Different types of market segments your business should target
  • What sales collateral you need to target your market segments
  • How sales activity plans should be used and what they should include to be successful
  • The importance of using the CRM to its fullest
  • Developing the qualifying questions for your target markets
  • Research techniques and what you really need to know
  • Using different qualifying process’s and tactics
  • How to prepare for meetings & site inspections
  • Rates, upsell and cross-selling within your hotel or venue
  • The proposal, contract and qualifying stages
  • Techniques in handling objections and what they mean
  • Winning the contract and loading process
  • What is Account Management and who needs what level

Sandra’s personalised guhe front office sales training provided by HA made a massive difference to our team and we couldn’t be happier about the results! We found a big increase in the confidence of our reception staff and it helped transform them into sales people and an even bigger increase in sales results. Highly recommend!!

Jack O'Neill

Functions & Events Manager, The Bower Tree

Training Delivery Options

Face to Face Training

(2 days training in person)

The face to face course program is a more detailed program and can be adapted to suit your hotel or property’s operational structure and team skill set. It is delivered in either 2 full days concurrently, or 1 day per fortnight or 4 half days so teams have the chance to implement lessons learned and table the challenges in the next session which we overcome and set goals to work on.

In addition to the face-to-face program, we have a consultation with the team manager prior to the day and run through some skill set profiling so the course outline can be adapted to suit all levels. Post-training we provide tools and tips to help you set up some sales structure, reporting and build a sales culture for the long-term success of the hotel.

Live Virtual Training

(1 day training in person, with virtual coaching and modules delivered)

The training is recommended to be either 2 days in person concurrently or for best adaptability to your teams skill sets and business needs it is recommended to split up the 10 steps and additional modules on offer into face to face and virtual training.

An example of this could be 1 full day in person for the introduction modules and steps 1 to 5 then broken up over 2 hour blocks are fortnightly coaching sessions and steps 6 to 10. This holds a higher chance of the teams implementation of the training plus a culture shift into the direction the business needs to see real results.

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