Yes, the front office team know the basic questions to ask. But gone are the days of ‘booking takers’.

To gain market share, you need customer service experts who have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell, no matter what position they are in operationally.

Whether your guest is staying for business or leisure, it important to personalise their experience at your property.

Here are some additional questions your staff should be asking when qualifying a call.

For Business, Corporate Guests

  • Who do you work for? As I can look up to see if your company has an existing corporate rate with us.

  • What do you do within <company>?

  • How often do you travel to <location>?

  • What other hotels does your company currently use in <location> and do you know who they are?

  • I can highly recommend <restaurant or venue> for hosting your clients for business meetings over lunch. I can make you a reservation if you would like?

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For Leisure Guests

  • Will you be travelling with the family, as we have a beautiful <larger room type> which will provide you with ample of space.

  • What type of dining experience do you like while travelling?

  • Are you looking at any other hotels in <location>?

  • As a couple, is there any particular activity you like doing together? We might be able to recommend?

  • Whilst you’re here on holidays, we can organise <insert activity partnership>

Over 90% of hotels are not qualifying initial inquiries by asking if the stay is for Business or Leisure.

Do you regularly secret shop your own property against your competitors? If not, you should be!

Our experienced team at Hospitality Associates will not only secret shop but tailor a training program specific to your property and delivered live to your FOH and/or sales team along with on-going staff support.


If you’re interested in an audit of your sales and marketing processes, or front office sales training, contact the Hospitality Associates Team for more information.