I open my e-mails and there it is, the rate acceptance from Lanyon for that new account that I have been chasing the past 6 months. There we go, it’s done, I’ve won the account and it’s time to move onto the next win. This seems to be the mentality of many a Sales office throughout the RFP tender period, but should not be the case. Winning an RFP tender is only the end of the first step towards winning a new account.

Once an account is won you should ensure to complete the following check-list to convert RFP wins into room nights:

1. Do the rates need to be loaded to the GDS? Once they have been loaded be sure to check back in with the TMC Account Manager and ensure that they check that the rates are available over the Client’s Online Booking Tool.

2. Find out from the Account Manager how reservations are made, is there a central booking office, central contact, do the travellers book themselves?

3. Reach out to any local offices. Introduce yourself to the Admin and Executive Assistant teams. Try to get them to come out to your property to experience your product. They can’t come out? Fine, let me bring in some tea and cakes! A call will be forgotten in an hour.

4. If travellers are responsible for booking, offer a courtesy call to past guests, “guess the good news, we’re now preferred, when should we expect you?”

5. Is there an implant or outplant Agency booking team? Find out if you can stop by to educate the bookers on your product. While you may be unable to visit the whole office, you can normally get away with client specific visits.

If you complete the above, you will certainly see a massive return on investment and it will be well worth the time.
You don’t have the time? That’s ok. Give Hospitality Associates a call and we’ll be there to lend you a hand.