Welcome to Hospitality Associates. We are a consulting business providing a range of sales, marketing and training services to the hospitality industry. Our clients are all looking to achieve the same thing…results!

HA employs a team of experienced people who has insights & experience across a range of hotels, venues and other hospitality businesses. Our team of carefully appointed professionals deliver results by having experience in a number of systems, tools and practices. They have seen first hand what works well, what doesn’t work so well and what works EVEN BETTER. By outsourcing a problem area, your time is free to manage changes and build culture to improve the overall guest experience.  

Our clients partner with us to see better results in their new business budgets by enlisting an outsourced Business Development Manager that they can trust. We also deliver tailored training programs, to assist businesses in getting better results from their existing sales team. You may also be looking for assistance in creating a strategic sales and marketing plan to achieve your goals.  


Sandra Swatton

Sandra Swatton

Managing Director

Sandra is the Managing Director of Hospitality Associates Australia. She started the business in 2014 to begin sharing solutions with the hotel, venue and hospitality services industries.

With over 17 years of sales, marketing and revenue experience, Sandra was ready to share her own lessons with others. She holds a wealth of connections that only a well-respected and long-term industry professional could have.

Sandra thrives on sharing lessons and strategies with the industry, and believes that we can all find success with the right tools and guidance.

When Sandra isn’t at work, she is usually venturing off the beaten track on a bike ride!

Andrew Hodson

Andrew Hodson

Senior Sales Manager

Andrew is our very own hotel guru. With 15 years of international hotel experience, Andrew brings to Hospitality Associates an inside-out understanding of hotel sales and operations.

Andrew has over 12 years of hospitality experience, spreading across three continents. Prior to working at Hospitality Associates, Andrew was a Senior Business Development Manager at the fastest growing Independent Hotel Chain in London, where we had a primary focus on corporate transient business.

When Andrew isn’t at work, you can find him in ANY sports field … or coaching teams from the safety of his couch!

Melody Phillips

Melody Phillips

Revenue Manager

Melody (Raymonds) Phillips is a Customer Service Professional with over 15 years of Hospitality Management experience, from Yield and Revenue management to Project Management and all other Operational and Customer Service aspects of a hotel.

She is a proactive and consultative manager who actively contributes towards revenue generation with yield management and cost containment, which results in positive revenue growth. She has acquired great experience working across most major chains in Australia and is focused on producing results.

When Mel isn’t at work, you can find her relaxing around the table with family and friends – and a nice glass of wine, of course!

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