Outsource or Expand Your Sales Team

We can help increase your accommodation or function revenue either proactively or reactively, or both.

As a Manager, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your current Sales activities producing the results the business needs?
  • are you an owner/operator who doesn’t have the resources to allocate to sales?
  • Is your current Sales Team finding it hard to get appointments, or could they be achieving more with new, focused direction?
  • Do you have to hire someone in sales with less skill than what your business really needs?
  • Do you have an online sales and marketing plan, but it’s not producing the results you need?

Hospitality Associates can tailor sales support around your business needs – either short term or long term – and we can either work as part of your team or remotely and send you sales reports with business qualified, quoted and won.

Enjoy the unique benefit of outsourcing a role with no management required. When you outsource your activities to Hospitality Associates we become part of your team and a representative of your business and brand. We are inducted into your systems and we hit the ground running with our existing experience, knowledge and relationships. This saves you the time and resources it usually takes to onboard a new team member before they can start achieving results.

We offer flexibility in hours and investment, tailored to your specific needs.

Will customers know you are a contractor?

No. We operate using your email domain, signature and phone number if required. You provide your dedicated Business Development Manager with a business card so your customers think we work for you. We can even wear your uniform!

What happens if a client emails or calls not on my dedicated days?

We will monitor the emails every day in hope there is a client response and will jump at the chance to call them back and confirm the deal, even if it’s not one of your dedicated days.

How will I protect our IP and existing customer database and stop your person taking it to other clients?

Our agreement has strict terms that your IP and any customer or financial statistics about your business is private and confidential and will not be used for any other customer.

If your team operates remotely how do they communicate with my team?

We do weekly reports listing all sales activity and attach the communication notes from every call. We speak with your internal team on any questions or proposal confirmations and give a full handover so they can deliver, operationally, on what our team has promised. We can also arrange weekly and monthly handover and reviews and agree on the next month’s focus areas and any changes.